Unhappy with your body?

by Matt Elphick

Are you unhappy with your body and weight? 

Do you feel unhappy with your weight? Do you hate your body? Wish you could have someone else’ body? You’ve been trying to lose weight most of your life but got nowhere? 

If you’re reading this post, then you know that something needs to change. 

We have come up with some tips to help in the process of becoming happier about your body & weight:

1. Don’t skip meals

We know…. you’re ‘trying to be good’.

But realistically? All that happens is you feel deprived and hungry and eat everything in sight. Skipping meals slows your metabolism and doesn’t help you lose weight. If you want to love your body and weight, you need to stop skipping meals. 

2. Change how you search on social media

How many years will you spend wishing you had someone else’s’ body before you realise that looking at photos of slim/lean/attractive doesn’t motivate you to lose weight? In fact, it’s the opposite.

In the long term, so-called ‘inspiration’ makes you feel unhappy about your weight and generally makes you feel shitty about yourself (i.e. you become LESS motivated). 

3. Review your inner circle

The people you spend the most time with have the biggest influence on you. So, who are YOUR biggest influencers? 

Are your surrounded by friends that are constantly partying & living on take away? Try to just meet for a quick drink and eat beforehand 

You have friend/s who are always judged people’s bodies. In turn it makes you feel crap about yours? Ditch them!

Does your family constantly comment on your weight?  Explain to them that it was unhelpful and their support is important to you.

You can decide who you let influence you and your life. If you don’t want to be unhappy with your body, take control. 

4. Start moving more – pick an activity you like and start moving.  Whether it’s yoga, dancing, trekking or just walking at least you are doing something

5.  Start lifting weights – many studies have shown the benefits of strength training for body composition. Not only you will be improving your health you will also change how you look

6. Pick ONE simple change to make at a time

When you are healthy, you feel good and it’s hard to be unhappy with your body. Want to get healthier? Start small.

Change too much, too soon and nothing will stick, no matter how motivated or well-intentioned you are. Keep it simple and a year from now, you’ll be so grateful you made the investment. Here are some simple swaps that are way more effective than diets: 

Swap out energy drinks and soft drinks for water

Keep alcohol for the weekend and special occasions

Get 10,000+ steps each day

Don’t eat in front of the TV

Cook at home more – and try healthier recipes with more veg

Once your new healthy habit feels easy, pick another. Repeat this process when you feel ready. 

7. Focus on health. Not weight loss.

The scales can either be your best friend or enemy. And more often than not, they’re not your best friend. The scales keep you stuck in an emotional eating cycle, obsessing about food (which often means you eat more, not less) and hating your body. 

Stop ‘trying to be good’ and start trying to feel good. 

Contact us today to help you make changes and start feeling better and happier with your body

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