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Sports Therapy - Key to a Strong and Healthy Body

What does a SPORTS THERAPist do?

Think of them like you do a mechanic! You service your car, so why not make sure your body is in optimum condition for training, with sports therapy?

Understand your body and get to know where you hold tension. Our certified therapists are knowledgeable in pain science and have a background in treating athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen.

Maybe a deep tissue massage will relieve your aggravated back muscles or rehabilitation for issues stemming from an old injury? 

Whatever your source of pain, our therapists will investigate and advise you on your best course of action to get you back to achieving your maximum potential.

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Benefits of sports therapy

reduce muscle tension

Learn techniques to banish stress and release semi-contracted muscles.

prevent injury

Increase blood flow through massage – believe us, your body will thank you!

improve circulation

Deep tissue massages increase blood circulation, helping the body to rebuild itself.

injury rehabilitation

Restore health through a process of remedial therapies.

muscle & joint flexibility

Leading to an improved range of motion and support while working out.


Decrease pain and anxiety with connective tissue release techniques.

UK Certified sports therapy expert

Alan Chetcuti

As a UK Certified Sports and Remedial therapist, Alan strives to give his clients the opportunity to work towards optimal health. Alan specialises in athletes wishing to address an injury or to relieve muscle tension. He is your go-to if suffering from musculoskeletal pain due to work, injury or life stressors.

Alan has a passion for learning about the human body and its’ mechanics. He conducts relevant assessments and offers corrective treatment and/or referral accordingly. He has worked with the Scottish National Rugby team (under 20s) and the Spartans Football club while living in Edinburgh, UK. Currently based in Malta, Alan sees clients in several wellness and physio centres around the island.


Kurt Aquilina

Kurt Aquilina is a registered physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Malta in 2015. During the following six years, Mr. Aquilina gained experience by rotating throughout the public health sector, including but not limited to Acute Medicine, Neurology and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy until finally becoming a resident Orthopaedic Physiotherapist within Mater Dei Hospital, where he has been practising for the last year and a half. Apart from this, Mr. Aquilina has held the position of Lead Physiotherapist within several Premier and First Division teams competing in domestic football leagues, is currently engaged as a Physiotherapist within the governing body of local football, MFA and a freelance Physiotherapist.

Mr. Aquilina holds special interest in the diagnosing and correct application of treatment in musculoskeletal and sport-specific injuries and disorders. Client-specific treatment includes but not limited to: exercise prescription, manual therapy which include joint mobilisations, trigger point therapy, acupuncture, strapping and taping. Mr. Aquilina firmly believes that with timely and efficient application of treatment, the client can return to their sport sooner and stronger than before, thus limiting time off training.

To book an appointment with Mr Aquilina please get in touch through our Facebook page.

banish aches & pain with sports therapy

“Prevention is better than cure!”

Understanding your body during training at the gym will not only help you become physically fitter, but also help you stay injury-free. Sports therapy will complement your personal training. 
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