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Your Personal Trainer in Malta

Why a personal trainer?

With a personal trainer at our private gym in Malta, we offer you a ‘turn up and train’ approach. Leave your daily stresses at the door – show up and train guided by your personal trainer, so that you can become stronger in body and mind.

No one strives to live an unhealthy lifestyle, but with all the decisions that daily life throws at us, sometimes just thinking about how to actually get fit can seem impossible! That’s why we’re here at Steel Extreme Fitness to take care of all your personal training needs.

Personal training Mosta

Inspiration and motivation through our unique results-driven approach


Trial session assessment of current fitness levels and an independent consultation for defining your goals

Fitness plans

Personalised training programmes tailored towards your target, lifestyle, and needs

Nutritional guidance

Nutritional coaching customised to your fitness programme, individual lifestyle needs, and dietary requirements


Fortnightly analysis and plan revision aligned to your end goals​


Monthly assessment and progress review with your nutritionist and personal trainer in Malta


Close daily contact via WhatsApp or email with your personal gym trainer

Why Steel Extreme?

Do mainstream gyms overwhelm you? if you're Finding it hard to motivate yourself then a personal trainer may be the answer.

Join our friendly, private gym, where you will have access to our team of qualified personal trainers dedicated to you and your health goals. 

We offer a non-judgemental environment where you will train towards a more successful, healthier lifestyle, amongst like-minded people on the same journey.

Our team of passionate personal trainers in Malta will motivate and support you through the highs (and lows!) of your exciting path to optimum health.

We’re not a marble polished, spa-like gym, but if you’re looking to work out, lose stress (along with the weight) and enjoy the camaraderie – then our private gym in Mosta could be the perfect fit for you!

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Precision Nutrition

Our personal trainers

With our team of certified personal trainers overseeing your tailored plan, you can be assured of total attention, complete focus on your well-being and nutritional requirements, health assessments, and monitored progress throughout.

personal training Success stories

Real People – Real Results

Mandy, 40

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Mandy’s frustration over wanting a healthier lifestyle led her to connect with Head Coach & Owner at Steel Extreme Fitness – Lorenza Attard– who helped radically transform her approach to nutrition. This coupled with a dedicated training programme has resulted in much-needed time to focus on herself and a weight-loss of 15 kg to date – leading to a stronger and more confident Mandy.


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“I felt everyone else was a priority and I let myself go. I was depressed, lost my confidence and knew I needed to make change” Louise

Listen to Louise and how she describes her transformation and lifestyle change. 

Andrzej, 38

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Possessing a passion for sport, Andrzej found that his training at Steel Extreme Fitness has boosted his mental and physical strength – so much so that alongside his demanding job, he has also achieved climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Miriam, 43

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Listen to Miriam’s story and what made her decide to begin training with Steel Extreme Fitness. Hear how she transformed her body, losing an incredible 24kg and regaining her confidence.

Anna, 41

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Prioritising self-care, and after a medical condition arose which resulted in a 21kg weight gain, Anna responded to an ad to contact Steel Extreme Fitness. Loving the caring, professional approach, Anna has not only lost weight but under Head Coach & Owner Matt Elphick’s personalised plan, has seen a dramatic improvement in her strength and energy levels.

We do not offer the latest quick-fix, trendy fad diets

Our private members stay with us, achieving their long-term nutritional and personal training goals while continuing on their maintenance of a healthy, strong body and mind.

This means that while we do have openings for new members, they are in high demand. If you’re serious about wanting to make a change then contact us today to find out how.

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