by Lorenza

Healthy living is a decision. A choice you make somewhere along the way, usually a decision that’s propelled by something. An event in your life. An article you read. Something your friend told you. The way you feel. Something ignites your desire to live HEALTHIER.

Our question for you today: Is it sustainable? Do you have a strong enough why to keep you on the healthy living path when temptation is all around you? Is your why compelling enough to make healthy choices when everyone around you seems to be on the opposite path?

For example:
• “I want to lose 3 stone of weight and drop my body fat percentage to 16%”
• WHY?
• “Because my doctor has advised me to lose 3 stone and I believe that is a healthy fat percentage” (Outside influence)
• WHY do I want to achieve this goal?
• “Because for the first time ever I have been told I am morbidly obese, I knew I was overweight but never imagined it was so bad”
• WHY is this important? how does this make you feel?
• “I feel awful, I feel disappointed, I feel shocked, I feel scared, I feel worried, I feel sad but I also feel determined to change this”
• WHY are you so determined now?
• “Because of how close I am to diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses”

Keep drilling down till you find enough fuel to keep your passion and fire burning until your goals are achieved.
Do this for each goal.

*Remember the more reasons, emotion and passion you can attach to this the more powerful it becomes

Once you have gotten to the really important reason(s) for wanting to exercise or lead a healthier lifestyle, remind yourself of them often. This will be the first step to your success. Consider writing them down and pinning them somewhere you’ll see them regularly. – WRITE THEM DOWN!

When it’s dark and rainy outside and you’d rather be curled up in bed than heading to your early morning training session, this is where your “why” kicks into action. There’s a quote that says
“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most”

When you really understand your “why” and it’s truly important to you, your underlying motivators will kick in and get you out of bed and out of the door to live your best life and achieve your wildest dreams.
You have probably heard the term “internal motivation”. This is when you become motivated to exercise and make healthy choices as a result of your own internal drivers. You don’t rely on external motivators such as rewards or being pushed by other people. Sure, external motivators might still form part of your strategy but your deep internal drivers are the ones that really push you forward.
Knowing your “why” essentially provides you with the intrinsic motivation you need for successful fitness goal setting and achieving your goals.

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