Is protein in your diet ?

by Lorenza

One of the most common things we see when we ask potential clients for a Food diary is the lack of protein in their diet.  For most people it is much easier to snack on carbs, slice of toast, Ryvita, crisps…you get the gist?

The first thing we ask is to start working on increasing protein intake.  You might ask why so?

The Macronutrient Protein has so many benefits and roles in each one of our trillion cells!! Protein supports healthy digestion, healthy metabolism, hunger hormones and it also helps builds tissue and supports healthy skin and bones.

Did we mention it helps you stay fuller for longer? which means you are less likely to snack.
An easy way is to ensure to have at least around 20g of protein with every meal or snack.

This is what 20g of protein will look like .

Is the amount of Protein in your meals and snacks adequate?

If you have started adding more protein to your diet what is your favourite? Comment & let us know

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