Snacking messing with fat loss

by Matt Elphick

Do you find yourself snacking mindlessly during the day without even realising? We call it Grazing…. do you list these items on your daily food log?

Do you pick at your kids’ food or what they leave on the plate?

Is that handful of mixes nuts logged?

All the above can be messing with your fat loss journey.  What can we do to eliminate this snacking and get you back on track.

1. Plan your meals.

Rather than eat sporadically, sit down and plan your meals out ahead of time. As for number, shoot for 3-4 good quality balanced meals. 

More often than not, the reason most people feel the need to snack is because their meals are too small or lack the right kinds of foods. Foods like…

2.  Protein! 

Don’t be a tight ass here. Skimping on protein can lead to hunger in between meals. Often just fixing this tiny thing solves all of your snacking and hunger problems. Size wise, 1.5 times the palm of your hand 4 times a day should cut it. This is the macro we see most lacking in client’s food diary.

3.  But don’t forget about the fat. 

Fat is what will help keep you full and keep hunger and cravings away. Meals with sufficient amounts of fats will keep your blood sugar stable and give cravings the kick. 

4. Hydrate! 

At the risk of sounding like a cheap tip from some dodgy magazine hehehe thirst can oftentimes manifest itself as hunger. Shoot for a minimum of 2-3 litres a day to cover your bases. 

5.  If you do feel the need to snack…

Do it right. If you have a piece of fruit, pair it with some protein or fat. Think an apple and smoked salmon or turkey. Or berries with nuts. Or turkey and cashews. That’ll easily tide you over until your next proper meal. 

And stuff like rice cakes?

Apart from tasting like cardboard keep them to pre training, add some almond butter to fuel your workout!

With proper, well-rounded meals, your constant need to snack or engage in this mini-meal nonsense should be completely eliminated. 

And that extra fat you’re trying to lose?

Chances are, by regulating things properly, you’ll find that you lose fat as a natural consequence of not mindless snacking or grazing in your kitchen cupboards!. 

Want to know the EXACT step by step on how to eat, live and train for long term sustainable fat loss?

We make health and weight loss simple and achievable! 

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Jump on board and start your journey with us today! We are on a mission to FREE you from the traps of dieting and a poor relationship with food!

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