Fun Fact: Malta’s New Prime Minister Got His Start In Bodybuilding

by Lorenza

Robert Abela may have been the underdog in the recent Labour leadership campaign, but a recently released photo shows that it’s not the first time the Prime Minister-in-waiting made some major gains in his competitive life.

Back in the late 1990s, Abela, who won the Labour Party leadership race last night in a landslide victory, used to flex his muscles on stage in ultra-competitive bodybuilding matchups.

In a recently shared photo, Malta’s next Prime Minister can be seen in peak physical shape, showing off his shredded physique as four other bodybuilders compete with him on stage… and the Maltese bodybuilding community is seriously loving it.

“Stepping away from partisan politics, we can say that for the first time in this country’s history we have a competitive bodybuilder as a Prime Minister. Best wishes Dr Robert Abela,” said Ralph Decelis, President of the Malta Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness said this morning.

In a photo from his competition days, Abela can be seen in incredible condition, bronzed up and looking the part of a Greek God on stage.

The photo, which was taken in 1997 at a competition held at the Birkirkara Oratory, shows just how dedicated Abela was to the sport.

“If I’m not mistaken, he had competed in the national championships twice towards the end of the 90s,” said another veteran bodybuilder.

Maltese bodybuilders appreciated his poses and clear passion for the discipline as they discussed the photo. Considering just how hard he apparently went in his bodybuilding youth, and his landslide victory last night, it seems like Abela has always taken his competitions very seriously – whether it was a battle of the body or the mind.

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