by Lorenza

As a mother of two kids I lead quite a busy life and, in the past, I have struggled to make time for myself. The past fifteen months I have been training with Lorenza and whilst the sessions are tough, I have come to enjoy them especially since I have seen great improvement in my strength and my body composition.

However, more importantly, Lorenza has helped me build a healthier relationship with food. I used to view food very much as the enemy and go from severe restriction to consuming lots of what I considered as the “bad prohibited” foods in a short time frame. Under her guidance I have learnt to take control and build new eating habits. This in turn has changed how I view food and now I can have that treat if I feel like it, without fighting the urge to over indulge!

This has been life-changing for me, for the first time in so many years I’ve enjoyed Christmas and the goodies it brings along whilst maintaining balance. I’ve felt the satisfaction of not waking to bloat, guilt and horrid thoughts the morning after. Thank you Lorenza, for helping me be healthier not only physically but psychologically too!
Lara Glanville Pace Balzan

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