Do your friends look shocked when you tell them you’re having carbs and losing weight ?

by Lorenza

So many people are scared of carbs while trying to lose weight, it’s insane!

Reality is, carbohydrates are not the enemy. Like any other macronutrient it is the amount that matters!

When trying to lose weight, the most important factor in the equation is a calorie deficit.

Carbs are required for energy and for recovery, on the other hand the carb choices you make and the amount matters.

Following a low carb diet for a long period of time can be detrimental to your fat loss journey by slowing down your metabolism.

Yes, there might be a period where you are required to reduce carbs for fat loss purposes, but this is not sustainable long term.

Low-carb diets don’t help you lose weight in the long term. The evidence suggests that low-carb diets,

like many other restrictive diet plans, are generally effective in the first six months for weight loss,

but benefits dissipate in the long term because of difficulties with compliance.

Below are our TopTips on how to manage carbohydrates efficiently:

• Time carbs around your training
• Choose healthy carbs sources, such as sweet potato, quinoa and whole grain rice
• Portion control
• Increase your carb intake by adding fiber rich vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower etc

Enjoy your carbs!

How should you approach carbs in your diet? Rather than focus on one particular dietary component like -carbohydrates,

a better strategy would be to aim for a healthy overall dietary pattern.

Combine this healthy dietary pattern with daily physical activity, and you have the best chance for maintaining a healthy body weight and preventing chronic diseases.

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