Avoid Weekend Over Eating!

by Matt Elphick

Weekend overeating and over-boozing is just the norm for many after a stressful week at work, you want to relax and let loose!…What follows is regret, guilt, bloating, and extra pounds. 

You are good as gold during the week, following your meal prep and going to the gym religiously then the weekend hits…pizza night followed by a couple of pints or a take away laden with rich sauces followed by crisps, nuts and a couple of glasses of wine – does this sound familiar?

Friday becomes the gateway drug to the rest of the weekend.

You eat big breakfasts on Saturdays because you are going to burn it off at the gym, and big lunches afterward. You go out on Saturday nights for drinks and a heavy meal. Or stay home for more takeout and movies on the couch.

Then come Sunday brunches with family, of course. Summers are definitely harder for some because there is more entertaining taking place, meeting up with friends is something, you look forward to……picking up some nice ice creams while you are at the beach and naturally you close off the weekend with a BBQ with friends, yes yes I’m only having protein I promise… the 4 glasses of sparkling wine, extra bread and double doses or watermelon as soon forgotten! 

Because it’s Friday. Because it’s Saturday. Because it’s Sunday…..excuses …excuses!

If all the above sounds familiar, this is quite a normal pattern for those who seek to be perfect during the week then let their hair down at the weekend.  The best thing to do is to sit with your coach and assess your habits during the week, establish if there are patterns you have formed, habits that can be crucial to the whole picture.

Once you identify your work-week eating patterns, and how they are affecting your weekend behaviour, you will develop a healthier relationship with food… and yourself.

Here are Top 5 strategies that have helped many of our clients turn things around.

TIP 1:  Include some treats in your weekly meal prep.  Again, when you put yourself under such a restrictive diet during weekdays you will most likely turn your Friday “cheat meal” into a “cheat weekend.” So instead of depriving yourself treat yourself to something small 2- 3 times a week.  Eat in moderation, so that when the weekend hits, your favourites won’t feel like such a prize that you need to reward yourself with!

TIP 2: Plan your splurges. When you already know you’re going to have a fun weekend, and head out for some food, get into the habit of planning what you will be eating. Most restaurants have their menus online and everything is available on Google.  Planning your splurges will help you avoid a calorie disaster and some regretful choices.

TIP 3 – Keep your portions in check. Accidentally eating two tubs of ice cream instead of one can happen, OH YES we have been there!  When it’s the weekend are you’re relaxed it’s easy to get carried away and eat too much junk. Keep your portions in check. You can still enjoy them but in moderation. If you’re eating out you can you can split a starter with one of your friends, same goes for the dessert. Keep sipping on water while you are waiting on your food and don’t attack the bread basket.

TIP 4 – Walk away before you get seconds. It’s not as easy as it sounds right? Did you know that it takes around 20 minutes from the time you’ve finished eating for your body and brain to register that you’ve already eaten?  So before you grab that second helping of ice cream ask yourself-   Are you really still hungry or just being greedy?

TIP 5Switch up your snack stash with fruits and veggies. Yes, we know all about your snack stash of Twistees and Pringles hhahahah! When we’re at home during the weekends the cupboards are dangerously accessible which makes it easy for us to nibble and graze on whatever is available without even realising. So before the weekend hits make sure you do some shopping for some fruits and veggies and swap out your snacks. Getting rid of all that junk will help you maintain healthy eating habits.

If you are still struggling to change your lifestyle get in touch with us today.  We will help you build habits to transform your body, health and mind.

Our Personal training team have a wealth of knowledge to support you during your journey with us.

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