Your Health is your Wealth

by Lorenza

What does your health mean to you?

In a world of expensive luxuries, we always seem to find money to get that special dress, that extra night out with the boys but when it comes to our health it seems to come last.

The point of this quote is that; we can live without our wealth, but what happens if we lose our health?

In today’s world, with increasing pollution, global warming, sedentary jobs with long hours in front of computer screens, we are becoming more vulnerable to diseases.

Priority needs to be given to our health.

Being fit and healthy not just for ourselves but for those around us.

Knowing that you can run around with your kids without getting out of breath and being there for them as they get older.

How do we prioritize our HEALTH?

1. Healthy diet and portion control

With the ever-increasing hours at work, family and life commitments now more than ever we eat on the go.

What we put inside us matters! Processed on the go foods, alcohol to relive our stress and sedentary lifestyles are one quick ticket to the grave. Yes we are being very serious here.

Unhealthy eating habits lead to heart disease, diabetes to name but a few.

Buy in bulk and prep food in advance. When you cook dinner in the evening, cook extra portions so you have a meal ready to take to work.
Opt for foods from the earth, healthy fruit and veg
Last but not least be mindful of your portion size. Portion sizes especially here in Malta are enormous, you don’t need to eat until you are bursting at the seams. The 80% rule should apply.

2. Exercise and move your body

During this pandemic and imposed lockdown, we have spent a huge amount of time being idle. Lack of time outside, over eating and excess stress have led to huge weight increases and mental health problems.


Get outside, move your body, whether it’s walking swimming or lifting weights, the important thing is that we are not idle.
Take up a sport that you enjoy.

Lifting weights has such a huge impact on your body, it releases endorphins, strengthens your bones and keeps you fit and healthy!

3. Manage your stress

Stress is a killer in itself.

Work, family stress and COVID a true recipe for disaster.

New work pressures and added home responsibilities have increased everyone’s stress levels.

Working from home whilst managing the kids has certainly not been easy, again increased stressed levels, making us reach out for extra food or sometimes even forgetting to eat at all.


We can’t manage every life situation, but we can manage how we react to it. Taking some time out to yourself is important, time to do things you enjoy.


Including yoga and meditation in your routine helps immensely in calming ourselves down.
Journaling also helps keeps tabs on how you reacted to previous situations.

We need to look after ourselves because at the end of the day we can’t rely on anybody else.

To take action and control of your health is an amazing achievement. To come from physical and mental pain to then pain-free living is empowering and can affect your life.

Everybody deserves the benefits of a healthy life. Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with you and your willingness to change for the better because you believe your worth it.

Self-worth goes a long way.

Eating healthy, exercise, meditation are all important factors. Health is not a quick fix like advertisements portray.

It’s not a fad diet or sporadic summer exercise routine. It’s a lifestyle. A healthy balanced lifestyle becomes routine overtime.

Habits are learnt and become routine after 21 days.

It doesn’t actually take very long to turn actions into everyday habits.

More exercise and healthy diet can affect your life in so many ways.

The benefits will flow over to other aspects of your life.

We can reduce symptoms of stress, pain, depression, lack of motivation, irritable mood, poor sleep and low energy levels with exercise and a healthy diet.

Start by improving one of these areas and it will soon flow into the other areas of your life

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