Weekend Ruin

by Matt Elphick

Don’t let the weekends ruin your progress!

🔵Do you spend the week eating meticulously but as soon as the weekend hits that is it?

🔵Do you train like a lunatic, eat as healthy as possible  during the week but once the weekend arrives you go in the opposite direction?

🔵Does the above sound familiar?

🤔Why do you feel this is happening?  Do you have trigger foods or situations that you can’t resist?

Below we have 4 scenarios and solutions to help you stay on track ✔️


Not setting yourself a properly goal and time frame, makes your objective frivolous.

🔵SOLUTUON:  Create a solid goal that you really want to achieve with all your heart.  Find that ironclad reason to stick to it.  Be passionate about reaching your goal and desired outcome.  Any vague thought such as “ I should be eating better”….isn’t going to cut it at this point!


Like Eve in the Garden of Eden you are being told, you can’t have this and you can’t have that, what do you think is going to happen when you find some freedom?  You won’t be able to say no to temptation.

🔵SOLUTION:  Eat well and cut back on calories sensibly.  If you are constantly starving your body is going to rebel.  Eat clean and incorporate some things that you enjoy within moderation, like that you are not constantly craving foods that you can’t have.


Ever gone shopping on an empty stomach? Everything seems more appealing, even foods you have never eaten before.  Well going out partying, BBQ’s  and dinners where you know there is going to be loads of nibbles and party foods, is a recipe for disaster.

🔵SOLUTION:  Before your event or outing, eat something filling and tasty, even if it’s just a protein shake.  If you’re going to go out starving what do you think will happen? Having a semi full stomach you will be less likely to binge at the event. Whilst there; drink water in between drinks, this will help you get fuller quicker.


After a stressful week everyone has their own ways to unwind, for most it’s going out on the lash or 4 course dinners and ample booze. During summer we tend to go out even more, everyone inviting you for BBQ’s, plenty of nibbles, and booze flowing!

🔵SOLUTION:  Being sensible doesn’t mean living like a hermit, but it doesn’t mean stuffing yourself with as much crap as possible because it’s the weekend.  Keep everything in moderation, avoid high calorie drinks such as cocktails, go for something less calorific like a gin & slim line tonic.  If you drink beer limit consumption because it is very high in calories.  You can still dine out and make a sensible choice.  Instead of that salad laden in dressing or that deep fried calamari, opt for a steak and some steamed veg or  a nice piece of fish with a big salad. If you’re at a BBQ opt for steak or chicken thighs, again add loads of fresh salad and most importantly enjoy!

If all the above fail don’t get frustrated and disappointed, these things happen.  Learn from it, learn what your triggers are and try your best to do better next week.

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☑️Let us know if you have found these tips useful and share with someone that might find it useful.

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