The life of the business professional

by Lorenza

Overstressed 😣😣
Lack of sleep 😴😴
No time for yourself ⏱⏱⏱

Leading a healthy lifestyle as a busy executive is not an easy task. Getting fitter has been on your mind for a while but you just haven’t got around to it yet.
We deal with busy professionals on a daily basis and a quick look at our website or FB page would suggest we know a thing or two about how to successfully implement healthy habits into a busy hectic lifestyle just like yours.

Here are 5 TIPS we implement with our clients:

EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST – start your day with the right fuel. Nothing better than a protein and fats breakfast with a small amount of carbs. An ideal breakfast is smoked salmon, avocado and a handful of berries.

MASTER PORTION CONTROL – as a busy person we understand you might not have time to be spending hours in the kitchen weighing your food. A very simple method we implement at Steelextreme portion guide by hand; very simple 1 – 2 palms of protein, a good sized salad, a tablespoon of fats and if you are fitting in some training a cup of starchy carbs can be fitted in too.

STAY HYDRATED – nothing worse than feeling dehydrated all day, especially if you had a few drinks the night before. Keep a glass or a bottle of water at your desk that you can replenish as soon as it’s done. Multiple studies now indicate dehydration can lower productivity dramatically, increase stress hormones, create poor eating habits and hamper your body’s ability to burn fat.

MAXIMISE ON SLEEP – Most busy executives are deprived of sleep, and for the most part, trying to get more sleep is not going to happen. Instead, we can work on improving the quality of the sleep they do get. The first ‘trick’ is to strategically eat your carbohydrates later in the day. Whilst opting for high protein meals earlier in the day is better for productivity and focus, carbohydrate heavy meals in the evening can actually help trigger the relaxing hormone ‘serotonin’, helping with the ability to fall asleep at night.

The other culprits are the laptop and phone. Using these close to your bed time will have you wired before going to bed. Limit access to an hour before bed, then switch everything off. If it’s not life or death it can wait till the morning.

EXERCISE EFFECIENTLY – To achieve optimal body composition, you need exercise. If time is very tight, some exercise is better than none at all!
When you can’t get to the gym, quick 20minute daily bodyweight circuit or even some high-intensity interval training are effective ways to increase your metabolic rate and burn a lot of calories.

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