How to keep your fitness motivation during lockdown

by Lorenza

As the weeks tick away being stuck indoors is becoming draining on our bodies and minds. We are coming across more clients working from home doing longer hours than they did when they were in the office.

Stuck in front of their laptops for long periods; Niggling back pain starts making a comeback & so does neck pain…then we have the motivation issue!

Whilst previously you might have made the effort to make your sessions at the gym, now you feel lost between the kids, sofa and the fridge!

It’s hard enough to find the motivation to get out of your pyjamas during lockdown, let alone get fit!
We totally understand how you are feeling and have come up with 5 ways to keep up your fitness motivation!

  1. Find your ‘why’
    It’s hard to exercise just for the sake of it. Ask any athlete – they train because they have a purpose and a reason to. How do you want to feel after this session? What do you want to gain from it? This helps set your expectations, and helps fuel you to finish the session. Whether you want to stretch, or really push yourself, knowing your ‘why’ will motivate you to chase that feeling through to the end.
  2. Don’t try to find time, make time.
    Give yourself the gift of time and intentionally block schedule time for exercise. A 30-minute workout is just 2% of your day! Write down the night before, or at the start of your day what workout you want to do, and how you’ll spend doing it. Writing it into your daily schedule ahead of time makes you more accountable to those time excuses.
  3. Find a friend
    Whether it’s your partner, housemate, or an online trainer, having someone to exercise with makes it super easy to set a time and commit to it. Plus, you can get competitive!
  4. Make space
    Especially if you live in an apartment, finding a space to move around can be really difficult. Not to mention, it’s hard getting in the zone in your living room. Allocate an area where you can quickly find plenty of room to move, and keep all your workout essentials permanently there. This helps streamline your transition from work to sweat.
  5. As long as you’re moving!
    Though you might start the day with big intentions, things can change. If you can’t dedicate time to a structured workout, doing little things like a short yoga flow, 10 mins of abs, or dancing around in your kitchen are all great ways to keep moving. Doing something to move will help keep your body and mind on track to pick up the plans again tomorrow.
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