How to stop pressing pause on your Health and Fitness

by Lorenza

Fractured routines. Skyrocketing stress levels. The uncertainty of what’s next.

When life throws you a curveball—like, maybe a global pandemic?—the seemingly reasonable reaction is to hit PAUSE on your health and fitness habits until everything settles back down.

“As soon I feel safe enough to return to the gym… then I’ll get back to exercising.” Check out our PERSONAL TRAINING!!!

“As soon my life returns to some semblance of normal… thenI’ll get back to consistently eating healthy.”

Our infographic shows why this is a bad idea and what to do instead

After coaching over hundreds clients, at Steelextreme we’ve learned that the “all or nothing” mentality can work against us. That’s why we propose a new mantra: “Always something.”

So instead of ‘pausing’ your healthy habits when life feels crazy, only to play a stressful game of catch-up down the road…

Try this method to dial in your exercise, nutrition, and wellness—no matter what’s going on around you.


Print out this infographic and add it to your Good habits list ✔️

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