Comfort eating

by Lorenza

We have all been there. We set the goals, start preparing food, going to the gym the life throws a curve ball & we find comfort in the food cupboard ! these are the testing times.
Most of the time when we’re stressed we reach out for our comfort foods 🥐🥯🥞🧀 no one has ever felt stressed & started eating broccoli 😆😆Here are some tips to help you over come these moments & staying on the road to success :1. Avoid buying your go to foods – they’re not there, you can’t eat them!2. Meditation – helps control the stress hormone cortisol3. Go for a walk – when you feel that trigger coming on go for a walk to de-stress your mind4. Journal – put on paper your feelings & the foods you are craving. Reading back thru your journal you will see a pattern.5. Know your triggers – this is very important. If you know what is causing you to stress eat you can deal with the issue better

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