5 Tips to help you achieve your goals

by Lorenza

1. Hydrate: Water helps increase your energy levels, promotes weight loss, flush out toxins and improves digestion. Your body is about 60% water and just a small decrease in % can significantly affect your performance and the way you feel. Not consuming enough water can make you feel slugglish. If you work in an office try to keep a glass at your desk and refill it a couple of times daily, you can also set a target; eg today I aim to finish this 1 liter bottle by the end of the day.

2. Sleep: Sleep is the most underrated performance enhancer out there! Anything under 8hrs daily is going to throw you off course. With lack of sleep the hormone ghrelin is increased, giving extra cravings. Also feeling tired during your workouts will decrease your performance. Ensure you get enough sleep

3. Plan ahead: Assign a day where you can meal prep, this can be weekly or bi weekly. On these days you can cook and store your meals in advance. On those times where you are tight for time, these prepared meals come in handy. Rather than getting home & eating everything in your fridge!

4. Moderation: the key to long term diet success is self-control and moderation. Aim to consume 80% of your intake from nutrient dense food. Having the occasional pizza or glass of wine is perfectly acceptable and won’t throw you off course – Everything in moderation.

5. Eating out: Although flexible dieting allows room for dining out, try not to make this a daily habit or over indulgence especially when we are looking for fat loss. Try to avoid places that are buffets, when you are offered things like bread & butter with your meal, decline! If it’s not on the table it is easier not to pick on it, whilst waiting for your meal. Familiarise yourself with the menu and plan what you are going to eat before you arrive.

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Wishing you all a great day!

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