5 Exercises to help you build a perfect booty

by Lorenza


Made popular by Bret Contreras, one of the best exercises around for building your glutes. the hip thrust activates and builds the upper glutes to a much greater extent than squats, and even to a greater extent than deadlifts.

If your gym doesn’t have a hip thrust machine, sit on the ground with your back against a bench, feet planted firmly in front of you, and a padded barbell in your lap. Keep your knees stable, raise the barbell by extending your hips, and push your hips upward with your glutes.

Rise until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, then slowly lower back to the ground. Squeeze your glutes at the top. Maintain a neutral spine at all times.


Squats work pretty much every muscle in your legs while strengthening your core, hips, and lower back. Just make sure you get the most out of the movement. With a back squat, stopping at parallel or just barely below puts most of the emphasis on your quads, leaving your glutes less engaged.

Squatting until you’re below parallel—the lower the better—puts the emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings. The narrower your stance, the more focus you put on your quads, so if you want to hit the glutes more opt for a wider stance.

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Not many gym have this machine, but if yours has then it’s a blessing!
The reverse hyper has many benefits, such as stronger glutes and hamstring. Injury prevention for lower back and many more.

If you don’t have the actual machine available these can also be done on a normal bench at your gym. Lie flat, face down on the bench, with your hips at the end of the bench, extend your knees out without hyper extend your back & squeeze your glutes.


The step up is a classic strength & conditioning exercise. Hitting the glutes all depends on the height of the box. Step ups on a lower box hit the quads more then the glutes. Instead if you use e.g a 60ml box you will hit the glute muscles more effectively, due to increased flexion of the hip.

Using a plyo box place your working leg on the box, ensure your foot is fully stable. The closer you place your rear leg the harder the exercise becomes and more glute engagement is required. As you progress you can also add weights.


Hated by most of our clients!!! But serve a good purpose! With this exercise, as with most exercises, positioning & form are key. The closer together your legs are, the more you target your quads. The farther you place your front leg in front of you, the more emphasis you place on your glutes.

With your back foot situated on a bench or box and your chest high, drop your back knee to the floor. Go down as far down as you can. Repeat.

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