Lets talk Nutrition

by Matt Elphick

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – NUTRITION 

Most people think that if they train 6 times a week they can eat what they want, others think that starving themselves on the daily basis will work towards weight loss then there are some that have tried all the diets under the sun but are still where they started!

Whilst the internet is like a minefield of very confusing information, nutrition is very simple. But one thing we know for sure, to change your body composition it’s 80% nutrition and 20% training.  Here we have put together our top tips to help you make nutrition as easy as possible!

• Start with a good breakfast that includes a source of protein – a lot of people opt for fancy granolas that promote high protein, cereals that are high in all nutrients under the sun! but when you look at the back of the packet, you will find one common denominator – they packaged goodies are laden with sugars!! So you are starting your day with a meal that is full of sugar, which in half an hour or so is going to give you a sugar crash and even more cravings.

Once you get your head in the game that food is food and you don’t need the emotional addictive fix of a sweet based breakfast to kickstart your day you will FEEL and SEE the changes.

• Add a portion of protein with every meal – Base all your meals around a protein, if you want to keep a stable mood, satisfy hunger, boost energy and keep cravings at bay not to mention if weight loss is your goal this is very important.

• Don’t skip meals – you will get cranky and bolt for the next thing you find around  – which is usually isn’t a piece of chicken but biscuits, breads etc = comfort foods

• Don’t starve yourself – what happens when we skip meals or starve ourselves? We experience blood sugar fluctuation

• Eat nutrient dense foods – they keep you fuller for longer

• Eat food from the earth & where possible organic/wild – we try to keep food clean as best possible.  Unfortunately, nowadays most foods are pesticide/hormone laden.  Where possible and affordable opt for organic and wild.

• Eat until you are 80% full – don’t overindulge until you are full to the brim and you are about to explode! This will only make you feel bloated and lethargic! Our rule of thumb is eat until you are 8-% full

• Keep hydrated – water is important! You can’t survive without water – it’s essential for life. Your body is made up of mostly water. It makes up nearly two-thirds of a man’s body and just over half of a woman’s. 

Water is important in your body – from removing waste products in urine, to lubricating your joints, transporting nutrients around your body and controlling your temperature. It can even help make your skin look good.


• One of the most significant changes that clients report within 24-48hrs of improving their diet (starting with breakfast!) is elevated feelings of overall well-being, more energy, the ability to think with clarity and make more coherent decisions.

And here is the good news! If you’re sick and tired of yo yo dieting or treading on the nutrition minefield not knowing where to start or what to do – contact us for a free chat.  info@steelextremefitness.com

Do your homework on us so that you know who we are and what we’re about. – Check our Facebook page, we have plenty of testimonials and information to help you make that important decision to START!

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