Claire Micallef started her journey with us in October 2020. As a busy working mum with a small toddler, she had struggled to lose the pregnancy weight and pounds she had gained from yo yo dieting. Claire starting weight at 105kg; she has lost 16kg, 13.5cms off her waist & hips.

Here is what Claire had to say about her journey so far: “I always struggled with losing weight and after I got pregnant it got even harder. I tried various diets but always got demotivated and stopped. Working shifts and looking after a toddler I had no structure to my day and struggle with time management. I joined SteelExtreme Fitness in October 2020. The Meal plans gave me nutrition structure, stopped me eating on the go and I felt more in control. Coach Zack pushed me in the gym, pushing weights I never thought I could.Before I joined SEF, I felt it was impossible to get back in shape, regain my confidence and get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Apart from losing 16kg, I have learnt to make healthier food choices, I feel more confident, stronger and happier in myself. My goal is to reach my pre pregnancy weight of 80kg! A big thanks goes to all the team, especially Zack and Lorenza for all their support and guidance.

”Coach Zack Koyuncu said~ I’m am proud to be Claire’s coach. Claire took the first steps in her fitness journey and is determined to achieve her fitness goals. She puts everything into the sessions and this shows in her results. Her dedication shows that with commitment even someone with a very busy lifestyle can achieve their goals. I’m very excited to work together towards her next milestone !

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