Gym Manager


At the age of 21 I started practicing kick boxing.  Like most sports it entails consistency and dedication.  For 4 years I worked towards improving my technique, cardio, strength and conditioning. I obtained my Black Belt at the age of 24 and I fought competitively both locally and abroad in Italy and Sicily. In 2014 I had a title fight in Sicily, which ended in a split decision. 

A year later I decided to shift my focus to weight training and in 2015 I did my first photo shoot.   I fell in love with the process of bodybuilding and seeing my body change.  It is a great experience to see your body changing, this is what bodybuilding is about.

In August 2017 I stepped on stage and competed in The Battle under the men’s physique category.  I placed top 5, and in April 2019 I competed as a classic bodybuilder and placed top 3, both nationally. 

My passion is training and continued learning in this field.  Now that I have joined SEF as Gym Instructor/Shop Assistsant I’m looking forward to further my knowledge in the field and extend my passion for training to others.