Terence Busutill

Ten years ago the seed to become a personal trainer was already sown. I had nearly completed my nursing studies at the University of Malta, studying the human body, and worked in a hospital environment. It was here that I began to fully appreciate the importance of fitness. I learnt all the benefits that fitness has on both physical and mental health. Therefore it was only natural for me to begin some form of exercise! Krav Maga and Greco Roman wrestling in particular. The more I progressed with the sport, the more interested I became in strength training. This led me to move to Powerlifting and Strongman, coached by Shawn Farrugia. Gaining both strength and muscle, I fell in love with the main barbell movement and everything strength-related.

My nursing career made me aware that a lot of the general population suffers from easily-managed conditions. If only everyone knew how to, so many conditions could be controlled or even prevented. Physical activity, fitness and improvements to general health can eliminate a lot of conditions, improve others, or assist to control them. This was the encouragement I needed to change careers and become a personal trainer. I wish to make a difference and improve my client’s wellbeing. I feel that I can do this by doing what I love most – training!

Areas of expertise: I have a good understanding of the human body and health from my University studies. With the knowledge that I possess from my career in nursing, I aim to understand your health concerns and assist you to define your goals.

Where you’re likely to find me when I’m not at the gym: Riding my motorbikes, eating good food or recovering, ready for my next training session!