Terence Busutill

A decade ago, the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer was planted in my mind. While nearing the completion of my nursing studies at the University of Malta, where I delved into the study of the human body and gained experience in a hospital setting, I began to realise the significance of physical fitness. Understanding the positive impacts of fitness on both physical and mental well-being, I gravitated towards incorporating exercise into my routine. Specifically, I enjoyed Krav Maga and Greco-Roman wrestling. As my involvement in these activities progressed, my interest in strength training grew.

Through my nursing career, I came to realise that many people in the general population experience easily treatable conditions. With the right knowledge, many of these conditions could be controlled or even prevented. Engaging in physical activity, improving fitness levels, and focusing on overall health can alleviate numerous conditions or help manage them effectively. This realisation motivated me to transition into a career as a Personal Trainer.  

Driven by my enthusiasm for strength training, I joined SteelExtreme Fitness, where I have been coaching for the last four years. 

Area of expertise:  Specialising in Strength training with a focus on sport specific disciplines.  I work closely with athletes from various fields to improve their performance in competitions, set new records, and prioritise their well-being to prevent injuries. In addition to offering sport-specific coaching, I also coach individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities helping them get stronger and fitter whilst steering them towards successful results. 

Fun fact:  I love bikes & food !