Ronnie Attard

As a young boy growing up fairly overweight, becoming a personal trainer wasn’t something I ever thought about. After joining the Police Force at 20 years of age, I can look back now and say that I was obese, and definitely smoked too much. Realising that something needed to change – I began working on my eating habits and signed up to join a local Martial Arts school. Quitting smoking was my first goal, which I achieved determinedly only a month after joining the club.

This was certainly a turning point in my life resulting in me losing weight which made me feel more confident. Working my way up through the Karate gradings, I went on to take part in various tournaments in both Malta and abroad, and moved up successfully through the ranks, achieving the prestigious rank of a 3rd dan black belt. I own my own Karate Club, where I have been instructing for the past 10 years.

In 2018 I qualified as a personal trainer, during which time I also discovered Bodybuilding. In 2019 I stepped on stage for the first time, competing in Masters Bodybuilding – and place 3rd. Falling in love with weight lifting and bodybuilding, I knew that I wanted to go on and help others. By becoming a qualified personal trainer, I can help others set and reach their fitness goals.

Personal Training qualifications: Poliquin® Personal Training Certification

Areas of expertise: The disciplines that I’ve learned through years of Karate along with competing experience in Bodybuilding, fuels my passion to help others. My aim is to enable people to gain body confidence and become stronger. This will naturally lead to living a healthier lifestyle through personal training and structured plans. Having gone from obese to a healthy and fit person, I can help you achieve the same.