Team Leader & Coach

Arlent Ashiku

Before I became a personal trainer in Malta, running was my sport of choice growing up. I competed in various 400m and 800m competitions. By the age of 14, football took over, continuing through to today. My interest in weight training grew over the years, which I enjoyed alongside a career in the catering industry.

My health and fitness have always been a top priority and this led to me developing a passion for the gym and the weights. In the search to better my knowledge, I found myself taking an interest in the science that is personal training. Taking a course further fueled my thirst for the subject.

At the age of 37, realising that I needed a new challenge and moved to Malta. Qualifying as a personal trainer and joining Steel Extreme Fitness, in Malta, was a huge step towards my goal. I love being part of this great team, where I am now a team leader and coach to private members.

Areas of Expertise: I understand the challenges of being a hard gainer –finding it difficult to build muscle, as this is something I have worked on and studied, over the years to improve my physique and knowledge in this area. This enables me to work with clients who, like myself, struggle initialling with building muscle. I will help you achieve changes you never thought possible.

Where you’re likely to find me when I’m not at the gym: With my family on a country walk or visiting one of the many cultural sites around Malta!