Senior Coach

Arlent Ashiku

I moved to Malta in 2017 joining the family in setting up Steelextreme Fitness.  This truly makes me a veteran of SEF! 

I have always been a keen sportsman, running was my first sport of choice competing in various 400 & 800m races.  But my one true passion has always been football which I practice to this day.

My health and fitness have always been a top priority, and this led to me developing a passion for the gym and the weights. In the search to better my knowledge, I found myself taking an interest in Coaching. In 2018 I qualified as a Personal Trainer and have been helping clients ever since.

In my free time, I enjoy spending being with my family, two boys & two dogs.

Area of expertise:  I specialise in bodybuilding as I understand the challenges of being a hard gainer –finding it difficult to build muscle.   Over the years I have worked hard to improve my physique and knowledge in this area. This experience and knowledge enable me to work with clients who, like myself, struggle with building muscle. On the other hand, I also work with fat loss clients helping them change their body composition in the most efficient way possible

Fun fact:  I nearly died on the football pitch! Well, maybe not such a fun fact!