Shawn Farrugia

I always felt an affinity with fitness and training growing up, long before becoming a personal trainer in Malta. A decade-long career in the unarmed combat sport of Judo led me naturally into weight training. I Discovered that strength-training complemented my chosen sport, and so began my progression to Powerlifting. I became hooked!

After competing in Powerlifter Malta competitions – and successfully winning, people approached me to coach them. They then went on to obtain world-class results, breaking multiple World and European records in Malta and overseas events. I had found something that I enjoyed immensely and wanted to share. It was just after this time that I obtained my Personal Training qualification and joined Steel Extreme Fitness, where I am now a Senior Coach. I love meeting new members, defining their goals and setting targets. What are your fitness goals?

Areas of expertise: I have built up a vast knowledge of results-driven powerlifting, and strength training, over the years. My ambition is to help make people stronger, fitter and healthier. If working towards a better version of yourself sound good? And if you’re committed to changing your body shape then contact me!