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Our mission is to help build your confidence by offering you a chance to embark on a journey towards self-empowerment. Our objective is to provide you with guidance, educate and motivate you.

We will support you by equipping you with the necessary resources needed to attain your fitness goals whilst acquiring the fundamental tools and techniques for achieving a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long term.

About us

here at steel extreme fitness we believe in you, do you?

We offer bespoke fitness plans based on your goals, through safe and effective exercise.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in one-to-one personal training, online personal training programmes and expert nutrition advice.

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Struggling with low energy & poor fitness levels?
we can help you...

Lose weight

Stubborn belly fat? Extra love handles or injury-incurred weight gain you want rid of? We will craft the perfect programme for you.

increase energy levels

Exercise increases deep sleep which is the most restorative phase of sleep. This has a knock-on effect that boosts immunity, as well as decreasing anxiety.

gain strength

Detailed fitness plans and expert advice, accompanied by tailored weights and machine use, where you’ll see improved strength and body tone results.

boost self confidence

Exercise has so many benefits – both physical and mental. A strong body will make you feel good about yourself and boost confidence levels, as well as becoming mentally focused and fit.

create better eating habits

Shift current eating habits to healthier options by learning to track food and eat intuitively. This will lead to sustainable long-term nutritional habits and improved well-being.

a healthier you

Tired of feeling tired? Take the first step by contacting Steel Extreme Fitness. We will support you on the next steps to becoming a fitter, healthier & happier you! 

This really is the best gym & not just because of the equipment. The staff are really nice, it really has a family feel
– Luke
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"...I feel so much healthier & stronger, giving me more confidence, its amazing..."
– Iggy
"...With targeted training & a calorie-controlled diet I have managed to lose around 22kg. With my trainer’s help I am getting closer to my target with every session..."
– Noel
"...Thank you, Lorenza, for helping me become healthier, not only physically but psychologically too!..."
– Lara
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take control of your wellbeing through steel extreme fitness

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