Head Coach & Owner

Matt Elphick

I am a personal trainer in Malta and own Steel Extreme Fitness along with my wife, Lorenza. Years back when I left school, Karate and weight training became big passions of mine. This led to me competing in tournaments both in the UK and abroad. I enjoyed a 15-year career with the Metropolitan Police Service, serving as a Firearms Tactical Support Team Leader in Specialist Operations. Along with my team, we were recognised both nationally and internationally as one of the elite civil policing covert firearm units.

In 2014 after taking an instructor position within the force, I found new enjoyment in teaching others. Several personal training courses followed in quick succession and then we moved to Malta. Lorenza and I decided to combine our experience and open Steel Extreme Fitness – our private gym. We built up our personal training services for those looking to set and achieve dedicated health goals. Our results-based training appeals to those who desire to improve their fitness but lack the motivation to train alone. Maybe you’re looking for a targeted programme in which to lose weight or build muscle – or both?

Area of expertise: I have trained numerous ex-services and military personnel. I am the go-to trainer for actors wanting to maintain their fitness regime while on movie location here in Malta. If you’re serious about achieving your strength and weight training objectives through a committed programme, I can help! Offering a personalised programme, I can support you to achieve your target in a focused and supportive manner. It won’t be easy, but if you’re prepared to give 100% I will guarantee that with my guidance you’ll get to be in the best shape that your body has ever seen!